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Like tears... a Rutger Hauer tribute - Cyberpunk 2077
Like tears... a Rutger Hauer tribute - Cyberpunk 2077

We knew we somehow had to honour Mr Rutger Hauer and I was very grateful to be given the opportunity to implement that on the art side. Blade Runner, the story of its making and the background of Roy Batty's iconic speech have all been a gigantic inspiration for me - the movie itself was one of the reasons why I wanted to work on Cyberpunk 2077 - so I wanted to create an area that will become a sort of a postcard from Blade Runner... a diorama of that roof scene.

From the get-go I decided to let the player actually explore the area a bit and absorb the atmosphere, rather than just instantly stumble upon the "easter egg". This was only possible thanks to the hard-work and commitment of one of my favourite quest designers, Philipp Weber! He implemented the key element of this whole sequence - a blip with a searchlight, flying over our heads when we exit the elevator to the roof. I knew we're on the right track when I saw this work in the game. Then he brought in people from a couple of other departments and we all managed to create what I hope is a very unique and unforgetful experience.

What started as a simple easter egg in one of our spreadsheets grew into a very tiny quest, and that happened because the folks listed below wanted to go the extra mile. Working with them continues to be a real treat :)

Art director: Lucjan Więcek

Lead environment artist:

Quest designer: Philipp Weber

Character artist:

Lighting artist:

Material artist:

The ambient tracks in the background of this location were composed by Paul-Leonard Morgan.

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